We’ll start with the obvious: bike tours offer so much for group vacations.

We frequently claim that riding together with friends and loved ones offers a whole new level of bonding that few other activities can. It’s also a completely new experience that’s different from a cruise or all-inclusive beach resort. Cycling vacations offer something for everyone whether you’re out there to put in the effort or you just want a new way to explore some fantastic parts of the world.

With these advantages in mind, we want to share our best bike tours for groups.

1. The Heart of Tuscany Bicycle Tour

Tuscany tours are easily some of our favorite tours. For singles, couples and small families. Where this gorgeous Italian region really shines though is with big groups. The sweeping landscapes offer the perfect backdrop for your family reunion, college get together or ladies get away! We particularly love the views from the pool deck of the Relais Ortaglia in Montepulciano. It’s one of the best places to catch-up on life’s happenings with your high school classmates. This tour highlights the best of Tuscany with plenty of options for length, difficulty, dining and sightseeing. 

One of the reasons we love Tuscany so much is that the options are endless. Your group can ride together most days but if there are a few that want to split off and do a more challenging ride while the others take a rest day or an easy day, we can help make that happen. This tour also offers days off the bike for sightseeing and brief cultural immersion.

2. best of provence

Our hearts are split between France and Italy. While we love Tuscany, Provence is equally amazing. It’s culture, landscape and opportunities for bike riding are simply amazing. Gordes and Vaison la Romaine offer so much to see and do. Big groups can easily split up and meet back later to compare notes. 

Dinner is included many nights at the hotels, which take a lot of the stress out of it. We can offer recommendations for the few nights you are out and about for dinner. Provence also offers a lot of flexibility for ride length and difficulty. One of the more classic rides through the Luberon is a 45km ride through some truly breathtaking villages. It can be shortened as needed so if some in your group aren’t looking for a bigger day in the saddle, they can head back to the hotel.

Top 5 Siena

3. Asheville craft beer tour  

We call Asheville home for many reasons. A big reason is the climate and killer bike riding. It’s a unique mountain town with much to offer.  The area features limit-testing climbs, unbeatable long-distance views and a crazy amount of waterfalls. We haven’t even touched on the countless breweries and amazing farm-to-fork dining options! 

It’s no secret that we love the post-ride beer when we can gush about our ride. Often called Beer City USA, Asheville is home to over 50 breweries which makes for oodles of opportunities for the post-ride gush and what better time to bond with your group? After a day of hard-work or gentle touring, you’ll love to sit in the sun and chat about life or your favorite part of your ride. It’s easy to see why this tour made our best bike tours for groups list.

We should mention that most of our tours are easily scaled to fit whatever size group you have. We love to work with you to make your trip memorable, manageable and of course: enjoyable! Did we miss a favorite? What do you think about our best bike tours for groups? 

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