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You are coming to us to take care of your vacation. We completely understand and respect the enormity and importance of the task at hand. It isn’t every day, or every year, or every lifetime that you go to an exciting faraway destination, experience the local culture and cuisine, and do so while riding a bike. We are highly motivated to get your vacation perfect, and want you to have a clear view into what we are providing to you.  Please review the below questions and answers.  And feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions.
What is a self-guided tour?
We’re glad you asked! Ours are “a level above”. For general information on how our Self-Guided Tours work, please click HERE. Also, discover more about how we curate our self-guided bicycle tours so that they are the best available by reading this blog post.
Do you actually organize these tours or are you an agent who passes guests along to other tour operators?
We curate all tours from in-house. Prior to and during your tour, you will always have access to our main office in North Carolina, USA. WE ARE NOT A TOUR WHOLESALER. We work with local individuals to be your guides/concierges at each of our destinations to ensure an authentic local experience. All of our tours have the same touch and feel across destinations and tour type. This ensures that you experience high quality and consistent tours, proven by over 20 years of experience.
What are your Terms & Conditions? What is your Cancellation Policy?
For the complete T&E and Cancellation Policy, please click here for our Terms & Conditions policy.
What sort of people go on your trips?
All types!  Over our 20+ year history, we’ve hosted guests from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia—men, women and children ranging in age from 10 to 72.   The common denominator of all of our guests is a love of adventure, great food, and the outdoors. You don’t have to be an avid cyclist to enjoy our tours.  And if you are an avid cyclist we have some great cycling challenges for you, too!
Do you offer GPS units on your tours?
Yes!  Please CLICK HERE for more information on our GPS units and their use on our tours.
I, or someone I am considering traveling with, is not avid cyclist. Will I/he/she be fit enough? Will we have activities to do off the bike?
Many beginner riders have comfortably and successfully completed both our guided and self-guided tours.  The best way to anticipate how well your riding level will align with a particular tour is to review daily riding terrain and ride lengths, as detailed in each itinerary.  If level of difficulty is a serious concern, our self-guided tours offer the greatest degree of freedom to design an itinerary you are certain your party can manage.  But don’t forget: our guided tours feature on-road Support And Gear (SAG) vehicles that can drive you any distance you don’t want to ride.

We also now offer eBikes in a number of our destinations. Ask us about them and how they can help non-cyclists enjoy a cycling vacation!

I am an avid cyclist. Will I be challenged?
Unless you choose a tour that is specifically designated as “relaxed,” you can expect a formidable challenge.  In addition, some tours can be customized to accommodate a very high level of difficulty.  If you are looking specifically for a rigorous itinerary, take a look at those self-guided tours designated as “aggressive”.

Also, if you are an advanced cyclist and are with a group of relaxed riders we can accommodate you by creating additional challenging routes to extend your daily rides.

What kind of accommodations will we stay in?
We generally target very nice 3-star hotels blended with excellent 4-star properties, which we hand select to maximize comfort while minimizing cost.  Over the years we have found many amazing 3-star properties that distinguish themselves beyond their rating.  We have loved developing all of our hotel relationships and sharing them with our guests.  For self-guided tour parties wishing to upgrade their accommodations, we can provide custom pricing for four- and five-star hotels, pending availability.
How do you deal with single room occupancy for travelers on group tours?
Single room occupancy supplements are available based on pricing listed on each itinerary. The higher cost covers expenses that are not shared with a roommate participants.
Are self-guided tours offered for solo travelers?
Yes we do offer self-guided solo tours.  However, due to the need for single room occupancy, listed prices will not apply.  Please contact us for a custom quote.
What does the local guide/concierge provide during the self-guided tours?
The concierge is a local resident who will be available throughout your tour, greeting you upon arrival, setting you up on your bikes, and ensuring that you are taken care of during your adventure.  He/she will also transfer your luggage from one hotel to the next and be available via phone to fulfill impromptu requests as needed (e.g., mechanical support for your bike, help finding a good lunch spot in an unfamiliar village, and help with routing). Working with our concierges feels like having a good friend that happens to be a local resident.
What type of bikes do you rent?
We rent hybrids, road bikes, eBikes where available, and mountain bikes where applicable.
Can I bring my own bike?
Of course! For our big mountain tours we highly recommend it.  Would you want to descend 20km down a mountain like the Galibier or Tourmalet on anything other than your trusty steed?  We will even send you a bike packing guide and can sell you a bike case.  Just ask!
Can you accommodate guests with special dietary requirements?
Yes. Please be sure to specify your dietary needs in writing when registering for your tour.
How far in advance should I book?
Guided: Because of the popularity of our tours and our small group sizes, guided tours often sell out months in advance. Self-Guided: Though we have been pulled together some beautiful last-minute self-guided tours, we are best able to secure placement in preferred hotels when guests book six months in advance. Typical advance booking is 3 to 4 months. Our season is April through October with our busiest months being June through August. For the warmer months we encourage booking even further in advance.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes!  We offer discounts to members of certain cycling clubs and organizations (please call us for a list).  We also have a Return and Referral Program that gives progressive discounts to past guests—the more returns and referrals, the higher the discount.
What if your Frequently Asked Questions page don’t answer all of my questions?
Please contact us at, +1-415-322-0421,+1.877.275.9241, or on Skype – outfittertours.

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