Choosing only 5 can’t-miss experiences in the Luberon is really hard!

The Luberon is a corner of Provence that encapsulates everything you’d expect from Provence – great food, rich history, and beautiful views. The region was made famous by Peter Mayle’s book, “A Year In Provence”. We love the area and love to show it off on bike tours but in the meantime, let us share our top 5 can’t-miss experiences in the Luberon.

#1 A visit to Gordes 

This hillside village has the best views of the Luberon Valley and is considered the main jewel of the region. Enjoy the spectacular views or stroll through Tuesday market day. When you go on our bike tours in Provence, we always ensure that you stay in or near Gordes. It’s often considered one of the most beautiful villages in France. So much so, many celebrities have made their home in Gordes. 

The Village of Gordes: one of 5 can't-miss experiences in the Luberon

The Village of Gordes

Menerbes: one of 5 can't-miss experiences in the Luberon

The Village of Menerbes

#2 Menerbes weekly market

Every Thursday morning the region’s best purveyors of….well, most anything herd themselves into the streets of town to sell their wares. You can find fragrant and scrumptious fruits & vegetables, cheeses, meats, clothing and even mattresses. Everything is available. The freshest foods are available for you to enjoy, with the in-season being the best. The cherries in late-May and June are AMAZING! They make an excellent snack for a bike ride!

#3 Scaramouche Ice Cream in Cereste 

Joy & Jamie at OBT have been able to get to know the founders of Scaramouche during our visits to Provence. She’s an American writer and he’s a French engineer. They have an amazing love story, which can be enjoyed in her cookbook (yes, a cookbook) called Lunch in Paris. We particulalry recommend checking out the Ginger and Lemon Ice Cream! Their quality ingredients get scooped up into an incredible treat that makes the most perfect post-bike ride event! Or mid-bike ride event. Or pre-bike ride event.

Scaramouche: one of 5 can't-miss experiences in the Luberon

 Scaramouche Ice Cream in Cereste

Roussillon: one of 5 can't-miss experiences in the Luberon

The Village of Roussillon

#4  Roussillon

You can’t miss the red-brown hues of the soil that support the hilltop villages. It is at the heart of one of largest deposits of ochre. Over-mining there nearly killed the town, but it is now preserved for all to enjoy. Spotted with lush pine trees, the village is absolutely one of the can’t miss destinations in the Luberon. 

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque: one of 5 can't-miss experiences in the Luberon

Stopping at the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque during a ride!

#5 Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque 

Just over the hill from Gordes is the stunningly beautiful abbey, which is a must-see. Still occupied by a community of Cistercian monks, they hold public services and staff a wonderful bookshop. The monks grow lavender and tend bees to support their life at the abbey. You can purchase some of their products at the bookshop. The best time to visit is in June & July during the lavender bloom season.


We hope you enjoyed this list of our top 5 can’t-miss experiences in the Luberon. Maybe it even inspired you to visit the region!
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