Our best bike tours for seniors (a.k.a. the young at heart)!

While our riders are all ages, it’s no doubt that we hold a special place in our heart for our senior riders. Those who are living their life to the fullest and enjoying every second always seem to inspire us to do the same. We hope no one ever thinks they’re too old for a bike tour. If you want to ride your bike through France, Italy, Western North Carolina, talk to us! We’ve put together a list of our best bike tours for seniors so check it out and let us know what you think!

Relaxed Tuscany Bicycle Tour – 4 Nights

One of our shortest tours that we offer, this is a perfect tour to hit the highlights of Chianti and Siena. The cuisine and wine of these region are sure to please everyone on your ride from those with a refined palate to those who take joy in the simple. The pace is relaxed, the feel of this tour is relaxed, and you will feel completely rejuvenated after a few days riding in the Tuscan sunshine with your loved ones! Oh, and gelato. All the gelato!

Relaxed Dordogne & Vezere Bicycle Tour – 6 Nights

This tour is a little longer than our standard relaxed Tuscan tour. It explores 2 river valleys and is perfect for the history buff! Cycle from prehistoric site to prehistoric site along two truly breathtaking rivers. This tour is great for the senior rider because the longest ride is only 40km (25 miles). There are no crazy hills or summits to attack but there is plenty of exploration and learning to be done in the Dordogne.

Relaxed Burgundy Bicycle Tour – 4 Nights

Our Burgundy bike tours start in the beautiful historic village of Beaune, Burgundy’s wine capital. Beaune and its residents are dedicated to the production (and consumption) of the legendary Côte d’Or wines. This light tour is a wonderful way to see Burgundy without being too demanding. It is also the perfect tour for the wine connoisseur in your family. Combine two passions with one vacation? Sounds like a win-win to us! It’s clearly no secret how this tour ended up on our list of the best bike tours for seniors.

Each and every tour we offer is custom. If you prefer to go shorter in the Dordogne, we can arrange a 4 night tour for your family. If you find that you and your loved ones are loving it and never want to leave, we can certainly add on to any tour or build in rest days. Rest days are wonderful for exploring a village or taking advantage of other activities. In Burgundy, we can recommend a wonderful cooking class. You can find more information on the class here. Also, we can always work to find you a tour that easily accommodates an eBike for those worried about the fitness or those who want to see more while on their cycling vacation.

Don’t forget, if you have a particular interest in history, wine or anything else – please let us know. We have lots of favorite places in these areas to recommend. Plus, we can always reach out to our local contacts and get their recommendations.

We want your vacation to be happy and memorable experience for all so let us know how we can help!

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