You know it. We know it. 2020 gets a big thumb down. Now, let’s move on to 2021.

We’re so excited to turn the page on 2020 and start 2021 with a bang. We know so many of our friends and family have had to push off their vacation plans for next year. In fact, we’ve seen some information that 2021 will be an incredibly busy, record-breaking year for tour operators and the travel industry as a whole. Thankfully, our business model doesn’t depend on filling scheduled tour numbers – you can schedule and go on your tour whenever you’d like. We do however, depend on hotel availability so we do recommend that you book your 2021 cycling vacation sooner rather than later just to be sure you get the vacation you want. 

If you need some help or inspiration, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite tours that are perfect for an early 2021 bike tour. 


Asheville // Western North Carolina 

Our backyard is the perfect place for an early 2021 bike tour. Asheville and Western North Carolina will excite you, they can challenge you and they will definitely make you fall in love. There is no doubt about that. Late Winter in Asheville is great for so many reasons but we love that the weather is not so cold that riding your bike requires frozen fingers and toes. It’s also not so hot yet that you have to swat bugs and battle humidity.  Of course, you miss the lush green that we love about WNC summers but that’s okay, you can always come back.  

Provence // France

Starting in March, our European tours start opening up. Winter riding can be great in these areas but many hotels and restaurants close for the off-season. For the very best experience, we recommend a tour in March. It may still be chilly and you won’t get the classic shots of lavender fields in full bloom but you can get out and breathe in the fresh air before the crowds take over. It’s worth it and we have several amazing options for Provence tours.

Tuscany // Italy

Oh, Tuscany. Writing content for our webpage is really fun but sometimes we feel the ache of being homebound and not seeing our friends more acutely when we put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard as it were). Tuscany offers a world of cycling and luxury that few other places can offer. Endless options for riding, lodging and dining await you on your Tuscany bike tour. Tuscany suffers from the same off-season closures as Provence so we don’t recommend a tour here until March. You’ll find a richer experience that will be able to fulfill your vacation hopes and dreams. 

We haven’t totally given up on 2020 – there is still the Tour de France to look forward to and we hope we can attend in person but we also understand the realities of the situation. Let us know here or below if you want more details on a 2021 tour or if you’d like to secure your early 2021 cycling vacation.

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