What’s more exciting than a Top 5 list? Good question! We’ve read through most of our old posts and rounded up our favorite Top 5 posts. From posts about views, rides, experiences and food, we have a little bit of everything. This is a great source for inspiration! If you’re looking to go on a bike tour or cycling vacation but not sure where to start, read through this list. You’re sure to find your dream vacation hidden between the lines!

1. Our top 5 highlights of chianti bike tours

Chianti is the highlight of any cycling tour in Italy.  More than just a destination, Chianti is a cyclist’s paradise in the heart of Tuscany. If you daydream about bike tours on smooth quiet roads over rolling hills and then relaxing with long wine-soaked dinners, Chianti bike tours are for you! Let us share our top 5 reasons why Chianti is one of our favorite destinations for a cycling tour. 

Top 5 Chianti

2. top 5 sights to see while in siena while on a cycling vacation

If Tuscany is the heart of Italy, Siena is the heart of Tuscany. It’s truly a special place that is featured on almost every one of our Tuscany tours. Many itineraries include an overnight stay in this storied city so we’re going to share our top 5 sights in Siena to see while on a cycling vacation. There are many more than 5 spectacular sights to see but we narrowed it down to our favorites.

Top 5 Siena

3. Our Top 5 views in provence 

Provence stands out as one of the most VISUALLY impressive destinations where we offer bike tours. From vast vistas to flowing lavender fields, Provence has it all. We want to share the beauty with you in person but until then, let us share our top 5 Provence views in this post.

4. Top 5 can’t miss experiences in the luberon

The Luberon is a corner of Provence that encapsulates everything you’d expect from Provence – great food, rich history, and beautiful views. The region was made famous by Peter Mayle’s book, “A Year In Provence”. We love the area and love to show it off on bike tours but in the meantime, let us share our top 5 can’t-miss experiences in the Luberon. 

5. our top 5 sights in vaison-la-romaine 

One of our favorite corners of Provence and the Rhone Valley – and there are many – is Vaison-la-Romaine.

This small town lies in the shadow of Mont Ventoux or the Giant of Provence and is an overnight stop on most of our Provence tours. The ancient Roman town is chock-full of history, art, delicious eateries and our favorite – miles of breathtaking road to ride our bikes on. We’ve narrowed down our top 5 sights in Vaison-la-Romaine that you should definitely make time to visit while in the area.

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