When most people think of romance, they think of flowers, chocolates and a corner table at a fancy restaurant. 

When we think of romance, we think of riding together through fields of flowers and relaxing in a thermal spa in the afternoon and ending the day with a mouth-watering meal and cool glass of wine on a patio. The one place to get that incredibly precise package? Tuscany. We’ve done all the work for you. We’ve nailed down every detail. The only thing left to do is pack your bags and get ready for a romantic thermal spa bike tour in the heart of Italy.

So naturally you want to know what exactly is a thermal spa?

The thermal spas that you’ll be visiting as part of our tours are completely natural. The water is heated naturally from the depths of the earth. Also known as hot springs, the waters contain natural gasses and minerals which many claim to be beneficial to your health. Italians have been relying on their healing properties for centuries. Some spas are lined with mud that can make an excellent facial mask or body wrap. While we can’t confirm the health benefits of the spas, we think the simple act of just relaxing in a warm pool of natural water is beneficial to our health. This is especially true after a refreshing morning pedaling from one ancient Tuscan town to another.

More than relaxing to sit in, they are gorgeous to look at.

The spas are often surrounded by limestone formations, small rock pools and gorgeous Italian landscapes.  Bagni San Filippo is well known for its white whale, a large limestone formation where tourists and locals can set up for an afternoon of sitting in spas and sunbathing. Some of the springs are set closer to town and some are set back in a more natural setting surrounded by trees. Either way, these spas are truly a feast for the eyes as well as a restorative tonic for your body.

So where’s the romance on the romantic thermal spa bike tour?

Good question! In Tuscany, romance is all around. From the rolling hills of sunflowers and ancient markets set in the shadows of hilltop fortresses to the sumptuous meals and wine, romance is in the very air you breathe.

Beyond what Tuscany offers, we’ve always thought bike riding offers unparalleled bonding opportunities for you and your partner. Working together to reach your goal can bring two people together better than most activities.

Following a breathtaking leg of your tour, imagine arriving at a beautiful hot spring and cuddling up together to focus on nothing but each other. Sometimes all you need is a chance to refocus and this tour will definitely offer that chance. Talk about your hopes and dreams or talk about your kids and work – talk about whatever you need to talk about! This is your tour and your needs come first!

Interested in learning more?

Visit our Thermal Spa Tour page to learn more details including the sample itinerary. Remember, this is an OBT tour so make it your own!

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