This week we celebrate Thanksgiving in America.

For us, it’s a season filled with gratitude and love. We try to remember what and who we’re thankful for. Even though this is certainly something we should practice in our daily lives throughout the year, this season does seem to make us think a bit more. So. What are we thankful for? As usual our answers are the same: family, travel, and bikes.

When we say we’re thankful for family, we mean our immediate families and our OBT family.

We revel in the joy and love we find in our immediate families and our opportunities to spend quality time together. More than that, we are also so very grateful for our extended OBT family. Our staff and customers make our lives so much more fulfilling and enjoyable. So in short, we’re thankful for YOU.

Travel is a no brainer.

We didn’t take over an international bike tour company by accident. Travel is a passion that hasn’t seemed to dim over the years. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to travel to new places. In fact, you should watch out for some exciting announcements about new tour destinations coming up! We love to meet and get to know new people. We’ve met some amazing new people this year and we can’t wait to make some exciting announcements about new guides. We love to experience new cultures or even new aspects of a culture we know well. Again, we’re thrilled to make some exciting announcements about new tours in established regions. We’re grateful for the opportunities that travel has given us. Building this business is a dream!

Last but not least, we’re grateful for bikes.

These simple two-wheeled machines have changed our lives. Literally. From Joy’s racing days to our touring days and now we run a business based on the joy of pedaling from place to place. We’re so thankful to be able to travel from Florence to Chianti or from Avignon to Sault by bike (or Ebike!). The road traveled is what fills our souls with peace and happiness. We’d love to show you what we mean!

Come join us on a tour and you’ll become part of our family, experience our love for travel and learn to be grateful for the bike. You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of what we’re so thankful for this November season. What are you thankful for?

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