For 2016 we are introducing eBikes to our rental bike offerings at select destinations, specifically Provence, Asheville, and Tuscany.  We are very excited to add these bikes to our tour, as it expands the accessibility to more riders and non-riders. If you are interested in eBikes for other destinations, please reach out to us – we have access to eBikes in other destinations.

What are eBikes?

They are bikes that have some sort of powered assistance. On most eBikes the more you pedal the more assistance there is in powering down the road. The assist is given as a part of the pedaling motion, and not a lever or switch on the handlebars. Many bikes, including the ones we provide, allow for varied amount of power assist to give you the amount of assist you prefer.

Why eBikes?

Simple answer: It brings a broader experience to a tour.  Many cycling purists can not stand the thought of riding along with a electric powered bike, but the reality is that eBikes allow those who wouldn’t normally ride to be on the tour and share the experience with their friends and family.  We commonly receive emails from potential guests asking how non-riders can be taken care of during a riding tour.  Now there is little barrier to those non-riders to be on the road with the others on the tour!

The bikes we use in our destinations have incredible abilities, with plenty of battery and power to complete all but the most extreme days on the bike.  The seating position is more upright, creating a very comfortable riding experience.  The pedaling is assisted, with varying levels of power assist levels. Once the riding day is complete, park the bike, plug it in and allow it to charge while you enjoy the remainder of your day.  The next morning your bike will be ready to roll.

Personally, I had the experience of riding up Mt. Ventoux during the summer of 2016 with a group using an eBike as a pacer.  Rather than it being a distraction, the experience made the ride quite a challenge! We used the eBike as a gauge for consistent power output, and pace control. It was one of my fastest times up the mountain!

Grab your non-riding friends and family members and bring them on a tour with us!  Strap onto the handlebars one of our Garmin Edge Touring GPS computers and you’ll have a worry-free group experience.  We can curate an experience for EVERYONE to enjoy!

Giant Explore-E-1-lds eBike

The Giant Explore eBike is what we offer our guests in Provence.

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