Embark on a Two-Wheeled Cycling Journey in Provence, the Heart of South Eastern France

Welcome to the gateway of unforgettable cycling experiences in France! Outfitters Bicycle Tours guided and self-guided itineraries take you on a journey to explore Provence, a magical region of France overflowing with stunning lavender fields, quaint villages, and picturesque vineyards. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting, there’s a Provence Bike Trip curated to meet your level of expertise and adventure.

Cycling through Provence offers not just a physical experience but also an immersive cultural journey in France. Explore the countryside back roads, experience local French festivals, taste delicacies at open-air markets, and dive deep into the rich history of this iconic French region—a trip through Provence on two wheels, a holistic way to experience France beyond the typical tourist routes.

Why Cycle in Provence? A Sneak Peek Into Its Beauty


Historic Sites

The region’s rich history also includes many religious landmarks like cathedrals and abbeys, where the tranquil settings and architectural beauty offer both a scenic and contemplative journey. Travel through time as you pedal past ancient Roman ruins like in Vaison La Romaine, awe-inspiring medieval architecture, and captivating towns like Aix-en-Provence. Each town square, cathedral, and cobblestone street tells a tale of a bygone era. That being said, you probably already know that a bike tour is a fantastic way to soak up the sun and sights at the same time, especially over the historic hills of Provence.

Natural Wonders

Speaking of historic hills, Provence offers an array of stunning landscapes, from the untouched beauty of the Luberon National Park to the iconic lavender fields stretching as far as the eye can see. On our tours, you’ll spend some time in Gordes, one of the most picturesque towns in the Luberon. The diversity of Provence’s geography also includes olive groves, pine forests, and vineyards. This creates an ever-changing scenic canvas that ensures every day of your cycling adventure presents new, breathtaking vistas.

The Weather in Provence

Given its Mediterranean climate, early morning and late afternoon rides are particularly enjoyable during the summer. They allow you to take advantage of cooler temperatures and the beautiful dawn and dusk lighting many artists have sought to capture. While July and August can get hot, the spring and fall are the perfect bike tour seasons. Unexpected changes aside, generally speaking, the weather in Provence is a cyclist’s dream!

Key Destinations When Exploring Provence



The historic city of Avignon is your gateway to Provence. With its iconic Palace of the Popes and well-preserved medieval bridge, Pont d’Avignon, the town is a historical gem. Avignon is also home to numerous museums, galleries, and cafes you can explore during your downtime. It is an excellent starting or ending point for your cycling adventure, offering plenty to see and do. We generally transport guests from Avignon to their first hotel in Le Thor.


No visit to Provence is complete without a stop at Gordes, a postcard-perfect village. Wander through its narrow, cobblestone streets and take in the charm of its ancient, well-maintained houses. Nearby, you’ll find the Village des Bories, a collection of ancient stone dwellings, and the stunning Senanque Abbey, famous for its lavender fields.

Mont Ventoux

Often referred to as the “Giant of Provence,” Mont Ventoux is an iconic climb in the cycling world. It’s a rite of passage for any cyclist looking to conquer a Tour de France legendary climb. The mountain has three ascent routes, each with its own challenges and scenic views, allowing cyclists to choose the path that best matches their skill level and adventure spirit.

Lavender Fields

Nothing captures the essence of Provence like cycling through the lavender fields. Time your visit from the last week of June to July for the most vivid blooms. The smell of lavender is intoxicating and therapeutic, offering a unique form of aromatherapy as you cycle through. Numerous local shops offer lavender products, from oils to soaps, giving you a piece of Provence to take home. Joy & Jamie’s home away from home and home base in France is near the village of Sault, known for its fantastic lavender fields.

What’s Included In A Provence France Bike Tour?



Outfitter Bicycle Tour packages offer you stay at boutique three and 4-star hotels, which are strategically located near historical centers or natural landmarks, making it easy for you to explore the surrounding area even when you’re not cycling. Some feature amenities like swimming pools, spas, and in-house restaurants. The star rating uses a French rating system, which has proven to be the standard around the world. Therefore, we use the same standards in France and beyond.

Over the years, we have developed relationships with many excellent 3 and 4-star properties that distinguish themselves as providing much more than their rating suggests.

Exclusive Gear

Every participant receives a unique, high-quality OBT cycling jersey designed to keep you comfortable during your ride! Additionally, we ensure that your rental bikes are top-of-the-line, professionally tuned, and well-suited to the type of terrain you will be tackling—whether it’s mountainous tracks or paved pathways.

GPS & Detailed Itinerary

We use RideWithGPS to ensure you’re always on the right track. We also provide detailed tour information, including topographical maps and curated tourist pointers to help you make the most of your experience. We often include a Garmin GPS unit to complement the GPS routes. At the beginning of your Provence bike tour, your local guide will ensure you’re set with navigation. We will also provide instructions that you can reference when needed. As a backup and supplement to the GPS, we will also provide a local map, routing instructions, and a detailed itinerary.


Depending on your tour package, meals included are usually all breakfasts, no lunches, and some dinners at local restaurants famed for their regional cuisine. Beyond included meals, our tours often provide the opportunity for gastronomic experiences such as cheese-tasting sessions, where you can learn all about classic Provencal dishes.

Personal Concierge

With your personal guide and concierge, rest assured that all your needs will be promptly addressed. Our guides are not just cycling enthusiasts but also local experts who can provide a wealth of information about the history, culture, and geography of the region, enriching your journey manifold.

Ready to see Provence by bike? We’re here to tend to every detail to ensure you have a magical experience! Fill out an interest form to hear back from our knowledgeable guides, and begin planning your dream cycling trip to Provence today!

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