It’s about that time. Time to make your cycling vacation plans for 2021.

As most international travel plans for 2020 were squashed by COVID-19, 2021 is going to be LEGENDARY! Travelers looking for solace, families looking for adventure and cycling fans looking for excitement and history can all be satiated with a cycling vacation in 2021. We thought we’d break down the steps to planning your 2021 (or any other year) bike tour to make it as easy as possible. 

First, a couple of important points about travel during a waning pandemic. All signs point to the COVID-19 pandemic trending down. However, it is still a very real and to some, a quite scary reality for us today. The good news is that case counts, hospitalizations and deaths are either plateauing or going down across most areas of the world. Secondly, several companies are working around the clock to create an effective vaccine against the virus. 

We know from our history lessons, that a first-round vaccine isn’t always a smoking gun in fighting a pandemic but it is absolutely astounding to see what our world-class researchers are able to produce with less than a year of study. We’re very optimistic that a safe, effective vaccine will be coming our way in the next six months and that travel next year will be possible, exciting and necessary for our sanity (maybe that’s just us?).

Fun bike tour in Burgundy

So, travel is looking more and more possible and you want to make the most of your time. What next?

  1. Think about your goals. Do you want to go on a relaxed tour of Provence and enjoy the sights and smells of lavender? Would you rather sweat and earn breathtaking vistas from the top of famous passes in the Alps? Would you like to enjoy rolling Tuscan hills and eat ice cream in the square of Siena? Or maybe you’d like to see the strongest cyclists in history take on the next edition of the Tour de France
  2. Choose your destination. Goals are set. What setting are you looking to be in? We love them all: Western North Carolina, Southern France and Tuscany!
  3. Choose + refine your tour. We have set up several amazing itineraries that you can review and either adjust to your liking (i.e. more rest days, more off-bike activities like cooking classes) or simply decide that we’re geniuses and they’re perfect as is. 😉 
  4. Register + pay your deposit. You can fill out a simple form here and pay your deposit. We’ll be in touch with you directly and get to the details. This is our favorite part! We love making sure your bike tour is exactly what you want. This is your vacation after all!

This is a bit of a simplification when it comes to formulating your bike tour but we have definitely tried to make it as straightforward as possible. We’re here for you and would love to help you decide on your next tour! 

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