Watching the roof of Notre Dame burn this week left us feeling homesick.

The strange thing is we’re American but France and Paris have always been a central part of our lives and we felt like we wanted to be there with the rest of France to mourn the damage at Notre Dame. To mourn and to dream of a quick and worthy rebuild.  

While we don’t have any true Paris tours…

…many of our tour guests spend time in Paris before or after their European bike tour. It’s common to fly into Paris and then take the train to Provence, the Dordogne or even Tuscany. Every traveler knows that no trip to Paris is complete without a trip to the Île de la Cité, where you can tour the historical Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s just one of the many attractions in Paris but apart from the Eiffel Tower, it’s arguably the most recognizable. 

Notre dame is an international cultural touchstone.

It’s hard to put into perspective the significance of Notre Dame. It’s a huge cultural draw for the city of Paris in France and it holds enormous significance to Christians around the world. It was home to many priceless works of art, religious relics and centuries of history. It was a place of history, faith and above all: hope. 

We’re admitted francophiles.

Just look at where we choose to run our business but we’re once again amazed at the resilience of the French people. They’ve always been completely generous and hospitable to us so it was no surprise that they were an example this past week. 

In truth, every time we’re stunned by a new tragedy presented, we’re equally in awe at how the world’s citizens rally with grace and perseverance – and hope. 

So this spring season, wether you celebrate Easter, Passover or blooming tulips, we wish you hope and love. 


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