We say: absolutely!

If you have that one bike fanatic in your family who can’t unglue themselves from the Tour de France, then a bike tour may be the perfect gift. Or maybe you have that one family member who insists spandex is appropriate to wear to pick up the kids? (If you’re not picking them up on a bike, we may have to argue with that one…) Maybe you have someone in your family who is always up for an adventure but is typically very hard to buy for? We have the solution! Arranging a bike tour as a holiday gift for a loved one is the height of brilliance! 

From sending your wife on a ladies trip to ride through Tuscany and bond with her friends to planning a trip for the whole family, you will be the star of the holidays. You’re gifting memories and life-changing experiences to your loved ones, which is much better than tangible items that may be forgotten in a year or so.

So naturally, the next question is how do we make this happen? The good news is that you don’t have to change out of your pajamas for this gift idea! We have three options for you to choose from. 

Option 1: Gift Certificates

If you just want to gift the concept of a bike tour to your family or partner, we can easily create a gift certificate for you to wrap up and then you can enjoy planning the trip together. All we would require is the trip deposit. Then you can decide exactly where and when you want to go. This requires very little notice. You could wait until mid-December to reach out if you’d like to present something to open during the holidays.

Option 2: Partly-planned Vacation

You could also present them a mostly planned trip. If you think you know where, when and what kind of trip you’d like to take with your loved one, then we can plan it out for you. This would certainly require more notice than a simple gift certificate because reaching out to our contacts and making reservations takes time. Maybe giving a bike tour as a holiday gift that you can plan together is the perfect gift for your loved one!

Option 3: The Full Package

Lastly, you could present them with the coveted Outfitter Bicycle Tours Tour Packet. This would be a completely planned trip with all the details already nailed down. If you love surprises or if your travel companion doesn’t like to plan, then this may be the best option for you. Of course, this would require the most notice. If you’re looking to present something to your loved one during the holidays, please let us know as soon as possible. 

We hope this post provided some inspiration for you gifters out there. It may seem early to think about a bike tour as a holiday gift but can you imagine the face of someone unwrapping a totally planned vacation during the holidays? We bet it’s even better than receiving a puppy! 

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