Food and Drink on an Asheville Bike Tour

Let’s be honest, we ride bikes to eat and drink. Of course there is also the sense of accomplishment, self-fulfillment, and wonder that you also experience from the saddle but when it comes down to it, we ride bikes to eat and drink. Most of our favorite tour locations, France, Italy and Western North Carolina don’t disappoint in that arena. We wanted to share our favorite food and drink on an Asheville bike tour with you so you can maybe be inspired to take an adventure in this backyard of ours that we love so much.

When we ride, we ride all over Western North Carolina. We’re going to highlight restaurants and breweries in Asheville and beyond so you can get a true taste of the area.

In Asheville, we highly recommend stopping at Wicked Weed Brewing, Curate and The French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

If you start at Wicked Weed Brewing, you won’t be disappointed. Although it is a very popular joint, it has earned its reputation honestly. There is beer for everyone, no matter your taste. We particularly love the Napoleon Complex. It’s a hoppy pale ale that is perfect for a summer afternoon post-ride. You can also get food at the main brewery in downtown Asheville. No matter what you order, it’s well worth the ride. Trust us.

Just up the hill from Wicked Weed Brewing is our favorite restaurant. You really need to plan ahead for this one – make your reservations as soon as you have your Asheville bike tour dates. Curate, run by nationally acclaimed chef, Katie Button, is a true treat. The tapas restaurant feels cozy and fun yeah the food you get it anything but a joke. Katie makes magic out of some of the most humble dishes that you might make at home for a family reunion. We particularly love and suggest the piquillo peppers stuffed with Spanish goat cheese.

The perfect ending to the perfect afternoon of eating in Asheville is topped off with none other than the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Conveniently located just around the corner from Curate, the French Broad Chocolate Lounge can make your chocolate dreams come true. From truffles and specialty candies to cakes and tastes, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. We’re partial to the Strawberry Balsamic Truffle ourselves. As an added bonus, the folks at the chocolate lounge are committed to responsible, sustainable and local sourcing.

Asheville is internationally known for its food and drink scenes so it has a tendency to be a bit more crowded. We love riding our bikes a little outside of downtown to get a quieter, yet just as delicious, taste of Western North Carolina.

Outside of Asheville, we highly recommend stopping at Sierra Nevada Brewing, MagPie Meat and Three, and Ecusta Brewing.

Sierra Nevada Brewing is a beer drinkers dream. Foodies won’t be disappointed either. Their menu is true farm-to-table style with much of their food grown on site. Their beer is simply amazing. You’ll find a lot of their nationally sold beers on tap but you’ll also find several small brews that you can try. Their brewmasters often try out new ingredients and new styles that you can find in the taproom. We particularly love the buffalo wings and pretzels with beer cheese. It’s hard to go wrong with this amazing grub! We often stop at Sierra Nevada when we plan tours in WNC because it’s too good to miss!

Riding just a little further down the road, you’ll find Brevard. This is a cyclist’s dream town. It’s got a beautiful small town feel with hundreds of miles of trails and road for you to immerse yourself in. MagPie Meat and Three is a can’t-miss in this gorgeous mountain town. Amazing pulled pork, out-of-this-world deviled eggs, a stellar beer line-up and amazing desserts. It’s a truly spectacular find!

Our last mention is by no means our least favorite. The Oskar Blues Brewery has done an amazing job of creating an atmosphere for post-ride camaraderie, reliving stories from the trail or the road and enjoying an ice cold beer. They usually have a food truck with a knock-your-socks-off burger, the Chub Burger. Absolutely. Must. Try.

There are plenty of other amazing food and beer options that are equally awesome to enjoy after a day on your Asheville bike tour.

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