We’ve finally started filming!

Here is the first video in a series that we plan to create: Basic Bike Anatomy.  This is actually the first take since the 2 subsequent takes were worse and longer (I go on tangents and provide way too much info-imagine that!).

I taught bike clinics at the Bicycle Outfitter back in the day, starting with a brief basic bike anatomy introduction.  I am a little rusty on the presentation side so please forgive me!

Just want to add a few things, yes I ride a Ritchey Breakaway where the front triangle and the rear triangle of the frame come apart!  Also, the right hand typically controls the rear brake and the rear derailleur (RRR!-say like a pirate) just so you remember.  Lastly, on the handlebars there are 3 spots where you can place your hands comfortably while riding: the tops, hoods, and drops.

Stay tuned for our next video: How to Change a Flat.  Happy watching!

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