Our guests regularly ask us about travel insurance, why to buy, or where to buy.  State insurance laws prevent me to or anyone from OBT from selling, recommending, or comparing insurance.  So this post could be very short.  But I will add more thoughts and direction.  And add that you could easily spend your money on worse things – a “charitable” donation to a terrorist organization, buying razor blades as a toy for a baby, or buying stock in Enron or Worldcom in 2002.

All joking aside, we always want our guest’s tours to run without a problem.  Most of our tours finish without a hitch.  But sometimes there are issues – injury soon before a tour, job situation catching you off guard, cancelled flights, or any number of other incidents that can happen during the course of your bicycle tour.

That said, we want to bring an awareness of travel insurance to you, our guests!

For 2014 we have developed a relationship with TravelGuard, who can sell you insurance.  Click on the below image and shop away!  Also, you will be informed of how to buy during your tour registration process on our website.

Some additional points:

– Why buy? To see what TravelGuard says CLICK HERE.

– Ready to buy? CLICK HERE.

– If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us any time at +1.415.322.0421 or info@outfittertours.com.  We will connect you to the proper channels to have your questions answered.

– For those that are traveling with bikes please take note of the additional baggage coverage available through TravelGuard.


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