It isn’t often that I express my deeper connections to the world around me in an emotional way…. that is just the way I am – private to all except those very close. This morning I watched a video that evoked emotions which I feel compelled to share on this blog for all to read.  Why?  Because it so perfectly reflects why I love cycling and why leading Outfitter Bicycle Tours is, for me, much more than a professional occupation.

The road and trail are my chapel, the saddle my pew, my riding buddies are fellow parishioners, and the surrounding world is my heaven.  My pounding heart, burning legs, and salty sweat are reminders that I am alive, making the experience more real than anything ever written or said.  There is no better place than pedaling through the landscape for me to feel more connected to the world around me and what it means to be alive.  The shared laughs, exhaustion, and smiles with fellow cyclists make the experience even more real.

The blended marrying of Mother Nature, human body, and a mechanical beast is the perfect mix of what it is to be alive in today’s world.  In my eyes only the physical and emotional connection with a close loved one, or creating and fostering another human life could eclipse this very real awareness of living.

While I am on a personal spiel, the video is filmed in a place I call home – western North Carolina.  Pisgah National Forest, mentioned in the film, was my backyard growing up.  While the riding in the film is more “extreme” than I feel comfortable attempting on the trail, the scenery, flora, and feel in the film are heartwarming beyond words.  Although I live in California, I am incredibly homesick as I write this.

That all said, my “boss” would be very upset if I didn’t mention that we offer mountain bike tours in the same area where the film was shot.  Check out more information about our North Carolina Mountain Bike tours HERE.  Enjoy the video!

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