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Self Guided Bicycle Tours

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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to bicycle vacations—that’s why we offer something for everyone. Whether you seek a climbing adventure that takes you up challenging peaks or a relaxed ride through idyllic landscapes, we have a cycling tour for you.

Self Guided or Climbing Adventure options let individuals, couples, or groups large or small enjoy one of our expertly-curated tours at their own leisure. Self-guided tour guests chose their own departure dates and are free to modify any of our recommended routes with custom options.

Several of our routes merit the leadership of an experienced guide. For guests wishing to ride the Tour de France route, the High Pyrenees, or mountain biking routes in North Carolina, Guided Tours are available for the 2014 season. read more

2013 Tour de France Group

Our Destinations

With tours through the most iconic regions of France, Italy and the U.S., our destinations have it all; celebrated cycling routes, world-class cuisine, and rich history can all be found on Outfitter Bicycle Tours cycling vacations.

Are you a Francophile? Enjoy a relaxed bicycle tour through ProvenceBurgundy, or the Dordogne. Feeling romantic?  Try a tour of Tuscany or a gentle riding adventure through Napa, Sonoma and the California coast.

Looking for a more aggressive climbing adventure?  We have tours through the French Alps, the Pyrenees, or the upcoming Tour de France route. Or, for a rugged mountain biking adventure, try our guided rides in North Carolina. read more

Featured Tours

  • Best of Provence – Relaxed – 7 Night


    Do you dream about spending a week in Provence?  Our 7-night is designed for riders who want to explore at their leisure without attempting the 1,912 meter “Giant of Provence”, Mont Ventoux.  This tour builds in entire days of rest and relaxation, creating ample space to relax and enjoy.  There is no more romantic a place in France as there is in Provence.   Oceans of sunflowers and acres of lavender alone make it unforgettable.  The food is world renowned, and don’t forget about the wine. read more

  • The Heart of Tuscany 8 Night


    Go deeper into the heart of Tuscany with one of our longer tours.  Immerse yourself in Italy’s rich culture while discovering the region on some of the most scenic rides in the world.  Sip cappuccino in the morning, sample fine Chianti in the afternoon, and savor sumptuous regional foods by night.  The lauded natural beauty and romantic scenes of Tuscany have not been overstated. Come and discover Tuscany for yourself with our 8-night bicycle vacation! read more

  • 2014 Tour de France Bike Tours


    We have been offering Tour de France Bike Tours since 2000—join us for our 2014 Tour de France cycling vacation and tour!  5% off the tour cost if you register before April 30, 2014! Limited spaces available! read more


  • 21 Mar

    A Keepsake from your OBT tour

    We’ve all had it happen: 6 months after an amazing vacation you realize that you have’t looked at a single photo you took.  They are somewhere on your hard drive or even un-downloaded and still on the camera.  You recall promising yourself and even your friends and family that you would do something special with the photos.  Then you sink and feel bad for what you haven’t done. read more

  • 27 Feb

    The Story of Outfitter Bicycle Tours – Part 2 – The Fun of Race Tours

    After running “luxury and easy” bike tours for a few years as Outfitter Tours, doing the Dordogne, Provence and Normandy, we decided to go on some other tour companies bike tours. We saw the 1st 3 stages of the 1998 Tour de France which started in Ireland and love riding our bike and watching the tour. Then I went on a Breaking Away Tour de France tour and was hooked, but knew I could do it better! Breaking Away chased the tour around in vans . . .fun but not enough riding. read more

  • 06 Feb

    Travel Insurance

    Our guests regularly ask us about travel insurance, why to buy, or where to buy.  State insurance laws prevent me to or anyone from OBT from selling, recommending, or comparing insurance.  So this post could be very short.  But I will add more thoughts and direction.  And add that you could easily spend your money on worse things – a “charitable” donation to a terrorist organization, buying razor blades as a toy for a baby, or buying stock in Enron or Worldcom in 2002. read more